Organizational structure


The founder of the Company performs the tasks determined by law and the founding act.

The Founder manages the Company directly through the Board of Directors.

The Company is represented by the Executive Director in accordance with the powers established by law and these Articles of Association.

The Executive Director may delegate certain authorizations by written power of attorney to employees and other persons not employed by the Company.

The Company is managed by the Founder in the manner and under the conditions prescribed by law, the founding acts of the Company and the Articles of Association of the Company.

The bodies of the Company are: the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Company.

The Board of Directors, in addition to the tasks determined by law and the act on the incorporation of the Company, also performs the following tasks:
- decides on long-term business cooperation and joint investments with other entities, and
- decides in the second instance on the rights of employees in the Company.

The Government of Montenegro appointed the following members of the Board of Directors:

Ana Pivljanin
The Bachelor of economics, The chairman of the Board of Directors
Nela Vesovic
MSc in Biology, member
Marija Đurović
Bachelor with Honours in tourism, member
Gordana Kasom
PhD in Biology, member
Mihailo Asanović
Bachelor of Menagement, member


Organizational structure